Automated CI/CD pipelines

With an automated continuous integration (CI) pipeline, code changes for apps are developed, checked […]


This describes the access control, which determines who the users are.


This describes an approach that dovetails the collaboration between software development and IT oper […]


This describes the use/provision of software or cloud services. There are different deployment model […]

Hybrid cloud strategy

This describes a solution that combines a private cloud with one or more public clouds (see definiti […]


In the scrum environment (see definition of "scrum") this describes a partial result of a finished p […]

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

These are cloud-hosted, virtualised IT resources that are usually invoiced on a "pay as you go" basi […]


This describes the logging.

Private and Public Cloud Service

The public cloud is based on a shared infrastructure. The services are provided by an external compa […]

Quality gates

These are special milestones that are set during the course of a development process in order to ach […]

Software artefact

This represents a result of a work process, for example files with source code as a result of a soft […]

Secret management

This is part of the IT security strategy and describes strategies for handling secrets.


The scrum (a rugby derived term meaning a “crowd”) is a procedural model of project and product mana […]